Hotel Cesar Mariscos

Welcome to Hotel Cesar Mariscos, located in the paradisiac port of Tela! The sweet and tropical city in the Caribbean Sea, in the North Coast of Honduras… for the moments virtually, but we really wish that you can discover what Hotel Cesar Mariscos can offer you, as well as to allow us to guide, accompany and coach you in all the activities that the Hotel and Tela can offer.  You are going to discover the wonders of our customer service while we adapt to all your needs and desires at the same time that you enjoy of a variety of delicious, wonderful and authentic, yet unusual Caribbean food that the Hotel offers, living an adventure discovering the wonders that the Bay of Tela offers, such as its paradisiac beaches of white sand and blue waters and the natural wonders that surrounds it, especially the three protected areas being these the most important ones in Central America: the National Park Jeannette Kawas (Punta Sal), Punta Izopo and the Lancetilla Botanical Garden.

Hotel Cesar Mariscos, Tela, Honduras

Cesar Mariscos, was founded in the year of 1972, originally it was managed by the owner, Mister Cesar Bardales together with his wife Adela and their children.  The hotel was named Drive Inn Cesar and was located exactly in the same spot that today, your Hotel Restaurante Cesar Mariscos, waits for you...

Today, after 40 years, the Restaurante Cesar Mariscos,  keeps that tradition of coastal flavors, the extraordinary seasoning that was inherited by Mrs. Adela to her children…and that is the way that we continue, also following the customer service mystic that since the origin of the hotel, characterizes us and marks the difference.  We keep having that clear vision that we will always follow, that our customers should feel at home, in a nice and family environment, making of their stay an unforgettable experience, making them wanting to return.

Hotel Cesar Mariscos, Tela, Honduras
Our hotel has 19 rooms and a beautiful apartment, each room and the apartment has been decorated in a particular way, the apartment with a romantic balcony with view to the ocean.  In the hotel you will be able to find a warm and welcoming atmosphere, not only because of the wood and the tropical colors used to condition our rooms, but because of the customized treat that the hotel’s staff and owners provide to each one of the customers, not only fulfilling our guests expectations, but taking a step beyond, in where our priority is to satisfy each one of the guests’ desires and needs, in such a way that the visitor can really enjoy of their stay.  Do you have a special need? Don’t worry, because your need becomes our personal need.  We make your expectations, desires and needs, our own expectations, desires and needs.  Send us the requirements of your event or special celebration, no matter what this is and allow our expert planners to work it out.

For those that prefer to spend their stay with out being in front of the beach or for those that due to work reasons are visiting the city, Cesar Mariscos invites you to the Anexo, located downtown of Tela, in the main Street, three blocks away from Cesar Mariscos and the beach.  The Anexo has 13 nice rooms and 2 comfortable apartments in one of the historical buildings of Tela, also having a swimming pool, parking lot and a beautiful view to the Lancetilla River and to the Ocean…


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